I am back… well hopefully…

An explanation…

So as you may have realised, little old me has not been very active for over a month on here or any of my blog related social media. I just wanted to write a post to explain myself and hopefully start blogging full time once again. We’ll use the phrase ‘full time’ very loosely as I normally only post once a week. The explanation- So as you know I am in Year 11 and going into Year 11 I didn’t realise the intense pressure that came with it. By no means did I not think Year 11 was going to be a straining year but the extent is starting to become visible. I am part of the oldest year in the main school and the teachers are wanting the best grades possible so slowly are putting on pressure. There is tonnes of pressure from each subject for you to meet your targets and if like me you have 7 subjects or more, then the strain starts to take its toll. My spare time has literally revolved around napping, eating, Neflixing and revising. Obviously I haven’t been revising all the time because honestly that’s effort but with the build up of mocks last week, it became evident that I needed to revise. That’s a little inside to my hectic life.

My plans for this blog…

Hopefully during December, I can focus on more Christmas related posts but I want to steer my blog into fitness, study with me’s and more talkative posts in the new year. I have a lot of aspirations as I go into 2019. I want to take this blog in a studying approach because I genuinely find study with me’s videos on Youtube to me motivating and hopefully this same level of  motivation may happen if you read them. Also this way I can master the art of multi-tasking by doing school work and blogging at the same time. I want to get into fitness to let my mind take a break from school work and I kind of want to document my fitness journal.

Lack of communication…

Through this last month, I have really missed talking to the friends I have made on this bizarre journey and felt like I haven’t talked with them for ages. Looking back, I realise blogging has been such a huge part of my life for nearly the last 2 years that it felt like something was missing from my life. 

Sorry if they is short, I promise my next post will be better… hopefully. 🙂


My guide to cleaning…

Hi everyone,

I am back and lucky for you, it is not a study with me. Every so often I want to venture from the study with me posts as sometimes the pressure to do a set amount of work for the blog does overcome you but you can expect one next week. Well I hope anyway.

Today I want to come on here to talk about cleaning which is something I quite like doing which is unusual for someone my age. I never used to like cleaning. I would often do the quick tidy up which consisted of chucking thing under my bed. Great short term not long term. That hack was quickly hated when I wanted to clear under my bed a few years ago. As I have got older, my working attitude has been determined by a factor of cleaning. If my bedroom is messy, I don’t tend to do work as I don’t like working in a messy environment and you’ve guessed it, I like to work in a relatively clean area. It doesn’t have to immaculate but it can’t look like a dumpster.

If you want to clean you room, here is my step by step guide.

Tip #1

I love to clear my bed first so that always means putting makeup away in the right place. Don’t keep moving things to a different area where it shouldn’t be. Tackle the problem face on and put it in the right area. Then when everything is moved, I like to make my bed. Beds often are the main feature in a bedroom believe it or not so making  your bed, makes it look like you’ve done more. When in reality, you’ve moved a handful of things and made it.

Tip #2

The next part you need to tackle is the floor. If anything is lying about on it, it makes your room look instantly messy. If you have clothes, put it to wash and if you have rubbish, chuck it in the bin. It is pretty self-explanatory but doing tip 1 and tip 2, you pretty much done the hard work.

Tip #3 

After doing two sections, you will often find it easier to continue so start by cleaning up any other surfaces where you perhaps, chuck thing on. This could be ‘the chair’ where you chuck your clothes or simply your desk which is over-ruled by work. Keep it tidy and it might make you a little productive.

Tip #4

Actually do the cleaning part!! Now you cleared away the rubbish, you can clean. I keep it simple when cleaning my room. I often will hoover my floor and polish and surfaces. I then use a cleaner for my mirror. I don’t have a full cleaning routine with luxury products.

Tip #5

You don’t have to do this every single time you tidy your room because I don’t but re-organising your wardrobe makes your bedroom seem tidier. I don’t know about you but half the time, my wardrobe looks like a battlefield. Jeans and leggings thrown anywhere and tops aren’t hung where they should. Start by hanging stuff up that should be hung up and fold trousers and pj’s up. This makes it look a hell of a lot better and no clothing is hanging out of the wardrobe calling you to put it away probably.

Well that’s how I clean my room and hopefully helpful tips for you. See you next week for a possible study with me. Also before I go, I wanted to make you aware that blog posts are now starting to go up at 5pm on a Saturday.

Thanks for reading...

Study with me… #2

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog,

So I’m not going to lie and pretend I am the perfect blogger because realistically, I’m not. I actually planned and physically done this blog post last weekend as you are reading this. However, me being me I was stupid and didn’t write it on the Sunday Night so here I am the Friday night before it’s published. Sorry if this isn’t the best quality because I don’t have the time during the week to write the blog post and also because I’m constantly tired. Anyway, let’s do this study with me. Also I promise I’ll start adding photos but this week has been so hectic that I simply didn’t have the time.



I started to create a to-do list so that I could follow what I needed to do. I think doing little to do lists makes me super productive. I mainly use the chrome extension- momentum as you can tick it off and it does a little countdown on how much you have left.


For the next hour, I condense some geography information into flashcards using Quizlet. How I set these out was by making questions to help recall answers and just going over it and I had a test in the upcoming week. (Fun fact: The geography test didn’t happen. 🙂 I love doing revision for no reason!)

Then I went and did some Maths Homework as we got set a practice test to complete for the Monday. I only did 10 minutes of this because I have to be in the mood to do Maths homework and quite clearly I wasn’t.

Extended Break

Because it was Saturday, i like to take some time out. I think it’s because I have noticed a jump between Year 10 and Year 11 and it’s tiring me but I’m sure I’ll get used to it in a couple of weeks.


I started to do some more Maths as the Maths Paper was just staring at me from the other side of the room. I only did this for around 10 minutes before I got bored again.



I started to go over the Geography flashcards I made the day before. It’s just looking back at the paper 1 stuff because this year we learning paper 2 and 3 in class. Then for 15 minutes after, I finish my Maths. Hallelujah! At this time, I realise that I had another poem to annotate as homework and it was due the next day that I didn’t do. So I printed the poem off and look up annotations in revision guide and online which I could use and expand on.  I then decided to look up some sort of context for the poem itself. It quite easy using the anthology we use as it is power and conflict and it’s mainly about personal experiences or others experience.


Due to an upcoming poetry exam, I decided to make some flashcards on the poems we had studied. Just a quick question, how did you condense annotations of quotes onto flashcards? I did this for about 10 minutes as it wan’t a priority. Then I decided to practice my vocab learning because that was due to do and as per usual, I like to leave it last minute :). I then had a 10 minute break because I wasn’t starting to get bored.


Then I decided to simply re-read my maths notes and go over it as it’s starting to get complicated once again.


This is the time of the day when I like to chill out and do non-academic stuff so doing a pamper night and having food because food is life.


I then continued with my English analysis and as you can imagine analysing quite a few stanzas is stressful as fuck and I really should start it sooner than when I did but I am the average procrastinating student after all. I then realised I didn’t finish one maths question off so I did that. Once I completed my maths homework, I tinted my eyebrows as I can not be bothered to do my eyebrows every morning for school.


At this point, I decide to pack my bag ready for the morning. Is it just me who hates packing their bag in a morning? Doing this at night means I feeling more relaxed and prepared in the morning and I am less likely to forget something important. I then do some extra geography revision because I thought I had the test the next day,if only past me knew. Then I go to sleep after I have watched the circle which was on at the same time. Does anyone else watch the circle? I am so hooked.

And that’s it for the second study with me.

Thanks for reading...






Study with me… #1


Hi guys,

As promised I’m going to write a study with me as I do some homework/revision tasks. I thought these would be helpful so you get an insight into my year 11 journey and you also get a blog post as well. Here goes:


I started off my study session by annotating a poem that was set for homework. I did this for a solid 20 minutes with nothing to distract me. In this time, I managed to annotate one stanza from the poem.

Then I got a bit bored so I moved onto doing a maths question which I was set for homework. I  got a bit confused with the question but with great perseverance I managed to get an answer which looked right and hopefully, it is right. I’m just going to check it. Be right back… So I did it wrong but with a good old Youtube video I was able to correct myself. I only did one part wrong is good. Anyway originally, it took me 10 minutes to do.

After this I had a 15 minute break where I caught up with any Youtube videos I wanted to watch. I think I watched Gabby’s vlog and a couple more. I prefer vlogs to sit down videos. I also love drive with me and mukbang because if I were to do youtube, I would do these videos except driving because legally, I can’t do it. Oh I watched Anastasia’s drive with me. I’m so excited to see her do more of these videos. I think they really suit her.

I put on Hannah Renee’s video on a makeover and got to work finishing off the analysis to the poem I started earlier. Basically while I have nothing to write, the reason why I have to annotate the poem is because for my English lit course, I have to analyse 15 poems and learn them for May time and we can’t take the poems or annotations into the exam so my English lit teacher wants us to them early on and leave English language till later on. I do this for about 50 minutes and after that point, I have completed it.


At the time I done the English, it was half past 2 and because I was working through that time, I took a time out for 5 minutes and then I got to work with my Spanish. I had to complete this worksheet. This took me around 10 minutes because the vocab was actually quite new so it took a lot of dictionary work to figure out what each statement meant.

I then spent the next 5 minutes doing admin tasks. I put things away and I updated my planner with the tasks I completed. I transferred any homework from my school planner to my personal planner. I then took a proper break which I dedicated as a you tube catch-up. I didn’t really watch anything in particular and after 20 minutes, I decided to do more work but then I saw Mark Ferris’ moving vlog and so I had to watch that of course. This extended my break to another 20 minutes. Oops.


By the time I had finished my break, it was half 3. I decided to arrange my flashcards where they are kept(a box) and sorted the organisation in it. Nothing too major so afterwards, I started making some flashcards on the communicable disease topic. I did this for around 10 minutes when I realised I didn’t know where my phone was. I kind of panicked and spent about 10 minutes trying to find my phone. Eventually, I found it. I continued with the biology flashcards for another 40 minutes. If you look at the flashcards, I have made it doesn’t look many for the time it took but I worked my hardest.


Suprise! Suprise! I took another break because I have done quite a lot and if I don’t have regular breaks, I will end up not doing revision sessions because it’ll seem like ‘too much’ effort.  This ‘study with me’ is just a procrastination session, really? This break lasted for about 20 minutes. I watched Jack Edwards moving vlog(I swear to god.. you watch one video and a whole lot pop up in your recommended), Lydia Violet’s get productive with me, Olivia Graces’ GRWM. I swear I was going to go and do more work but food was ready and I was hungry.  I went down ate. I came back and have a yet another binge watch on youtube. I watched Saffron’s 24 hours handcuffed to her brother, Ana’s car tour vlog, Brandonio’s 24 hours pranking his sister, Adam’s nun prank, Roxy’s 24 hour challenge etc. I went into the shower and that was about it until…


I don’t really know what I did for the next 15 minutes but apparently I did something school related. One thing I did was put labels on my revision notebooks. I did little admin tasks.


For the next 20 minutes, I began to revise some Spanish Vocab that I need to know for Wednesday. The words are mainly just little words that aren’t significant but are useful if you know.


As CBB comes on, I just pack my bag as I started doing this at the start of the academic year and honestly, it makes me less stressed in the morning if its packed and organised.

That’s it really.

Thanks for reading...





Hi guys,

I am back. When this goes up, I will have done my first week in YEAR ELEVEN. What the actual heck? It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago since I was a Year 7. Now I am faced with the year EVERY UK student dreads. If you’re not from the UK, Year 11(15-16 year olds) is our final year of compulsory education and then after this you can go to college, sixth form or an apprenticeship. This academic year is deemed as the most ‘important’ as we have our final exams (GCSEs). In the UK society, these are the most important exams you could possibly take. With that being said, this year is a very stressful year. Now onto my thoughts…


I think this year I am going to stress out so much because of the anticipated build up of GCSE’s from Year 7, the end goal has always been Year 11 and its success. Even though people say not to worry, I can’t help but worry about the failure even if the year hasn’t properly started. I am a very academic orientated person and always have been because my sole dream is to become a primary school teacher. I think that is what I’m going to hate and love the most. It has been my dream since my early childhood to become one and it really motivates me but the downfall is that because I know what to do I am going to be disappointed if I don’t  the required grades. The required grades don’t seem that bad( 4 in English, Maths and Science) but because the new style GCSE course focus on memory rather than coursework. It is scary to comprehend because what if I do  have a bad day?


My target grades are high (8’s based on Sats and stuff) and you know what I don’t care. I’m not going to work for those grades. Yes I would love them grades but for me, the most important thing is my mindset rather than wanting the best grades. I going try to work this year on the mindset of wanting to pass every exam by getting a 5. In previous years, I have had the mindset that I want to get 7,8,9’s in all my GCSE’s exams and while that is a good aspirational target to have and can motivate you, GCSEs put enough pressure on us as a year group without the contributing pressure in each exam of wanting a 9 in that subject. I know  I wouldn’t want to go into an exam and want a 9 in it because on results day, I know I would be disappointed in my self if I got a lower score than my desired grade hence why I wanted to get in a mindset of grades 5 and above. At the end of the day if I had this mindset and I got a 6 for instance because I got above my own targets but that doesn’t mean if I got all the rest 5’s, that I would be upset. This made no sense.


I want to make so much more time for revision this year and dedicate an hour a day because it takes me ages to get in the routine of doing something. I’m also going to start going to revision sessions provided by my school for extra support like science. Science is a subject I struggle in so I’m going to put in a lot more effort to get a grade I want. I pass science barely. I mainly get 4’s which are a pass after all. Remember the mindset. I would be happy with a 5 because I remember my year 10 mocks I got a 5 overall and I was ecstatic.

Thanks for reading today’s post. What year are you in? OR What would be your advice for GCSE’S?

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You don’t need money to start a blog…

You don't need money to start a blog...

Hi guys, I’m back after a break away for a numerous amount of reasons. I’ve just been seriously demotivated a lately. I think it came after I accidentally deleted my blog and I lost all my following and I can’t seem to rebuild it at all. I want to try and get 50 followers before I go back to school and currently I’m on 2 so yay.

Anyway, I wanted to do this post as I want to share my blogging experience and why blogging is a great community to join.

I started my initial blog on 31 December 2016 after months of pondering about it but on that day I just went for it. I made and published a post in under 5 minutes. It was 4 lines and I can’t really remember what I said but it was cringey. I was so inexperienced and I certainly did not have financial help with my blog. You don’t need to invest in all this fancy equipment as long as you’re putting the effort in and the time. Who cares? I literally set up the blog on blogger and that was my home for the next 4-5 months. It was around this point where I was falling out of love with the blogger site because my actual blog wasn’t what I wanted it to be like. The stats would play up and it wasn’t the site for me. (Disclaimer- I’m not slating Blogger. I think it was great for starting my blog and making me do content. I certainly not saying that if you have blogger, you’re site is awful because some aren’t. I just can’t use it.)

I eventually made a blog on WordPress and I had been on the account for a year when I accidentally deleted it when I was slightly confused. It was all avoidable. If you want the full story, there is a story time on my blog so you can check it out. Anyway, that’s a little back story on my actual blog itself. However, there is many other parts to blogging and that’s also what I want to talk about.

I’ve become apart of this amazing community who will always support you and give you the best advice regardless of the situation and how well they know you. Like any other community, there is drama but I tend to stay clear of it but that doesn’t mean I don’t know about it because luckily I’m following the lovely Beth Louise who in my mind is the loveliest and most relatable blogger I have come across.

My advice for new bloggers is don’t be afraid of reaching out to others and certainly don’t be afraid of an idea you have. I had an interviewing series on my old blog and the amount of response was so lovely. This was how I met the lovely Amelia. I finally feel accepted into the blogging community after so long with lovely people supporting me and my projects like my RT account (@teenbloggers_rt). That’s why I love this community and you know what makes it even better is the fact I didn’t pay to get to where I am today. Hardwork did. I still use my phone as a camera if I want to take pictures and I certainly don’t have a professional props for my photos. It’s just me at my laptop typing away making friends along the way and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Special mentions to those who give me advice and support:

Teen blogger : twitter.com/TeenBlogger02 , teenblogger002.wordpress.com

Katie: twitter.com/Nerdonlinee , nerdonlinee.wordpress.com

Bookful blog: twitter.com/bookfulblog , bookfulblog.wordpress.com

Kate: twitter.com/LuxeKate , www.luxekate.com

Izzy : twitter.com/izzychatss , izzychats.blogspot.com

Amelia: twitter.com/ameliahooper02 , itsmeexx.blogspot.com

Sorry if I forgot anyone x

Thanks for reading X

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